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Getting It Done In Fort Lauderdale

2011 January 7
by City Sylvester

"Fort Lauderdale Beach Karl Sylvester"If you’re ever going to make a name for yourself always start at home. And, though I’m not originally from Fort Lauderdale, I’ve been living here for more then 12 years, so I figured this would be a good enough place to start.

Fort Lauderdale’s an amazing place to start a business, and my thesis stands on the ground that I’ve worked a fair number of jobs here, and this is not a state you want to be an employee in. If security is an issue, having a job here means crossing your fingers everyday when you show up to work. Good luck! read more…

T’was The Night Before Christmas…

2010 December 25
by City Sylvester

"City Sylvester Scrooge South Florida Entrepreneurs"I got the sudden inspiration to write an original post on a topic I’m sure no one covered at all. So, is this post about Christmas or is it something more?

If you’re the workaholic who requires a sleepless night of time traveling, and the motivation of three bizarre ghosts before they can enjoy the holiday season this post is for you. Well you might not be as mean as Scrooge, but maybe you’ve forgotten priorities you can’t afford to. read more…

Emotions Made Me Do It

2010 November 15
by City Sylvester

citysylvester emotions made me do it

Have you ever felt alive? Like there was nothing in the world that could stop you? Like you were 100ft tall and the world was your playground? Those moments, we live for them. read more…